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If you are on our mailing list, you will be notified of these opportunities weeks before other agents would become aware. Since we act as the seller, we can verify the scope of all work performed. In addition, we save you from having to track down a difficult seller and negotiation, while our experience assures a more efficient transaction process.

Agents that work with investors and are on our mailing list expand their resource of early off-market deals they can send to their investors. We also offer special options to help agents serve investor groups and partnerships. 

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 Please email us at or call Laura at (773) 644-4447.

                                                    WORKING WITH SELLERS, FSBO’s, SHORT SALES:

Since we constantly look at properties in every condition in Chicago, we know how not every property is in ideal move-in condition. Obviously, this adds to your challenge of selling.

For example, suppose you have (or can get) a listing which is not selling because it clearly needs a new roof. 

The home has been sitting for weeks with no showings or offers. 

By calling Family Property Buyers, we can provide your seller with an all cash offer on the property which would allow for us (and our local contractors) to take care of the new roof and improving the property.

This gives you, our valued agent partner, two advantages. You produce a buyer for your client and gain a commission which may have otherwise been lost to an expired listing.

More importantly, when you bring us a Chicago property which we purchase, Family Property Buyers will guarantee that you get the seller listing once the house is ready to go on the market, resulting in a possible second commission for you.

If you work FSBO’s in Chicago, we will work with you. By combining forces, you can provide FSBO’s with a cash offer from us, regardless of the condition of the property the owner is trying to sell themselves.

Agents who work Expired Listings, especially with the large number of older and outdated homes in many Chicago neighborhoods, can also partner with us. We find instances where listings don’t sell because of the condition of the property, while the owner does not have the resources to complete an upgrade or major repair.

Again, any property a local real estate agent brings us that we purchase and upgrade will result in that agent being awarded the selling listing.

Short Sales is another area we can help with. We will look at properties which others won’t touch due to the scope of work. Since we look at the long term investment potential, we have the ability to wait it out through negotiations without having the pressure of a deadline that many investors do.

For more information, contact Elvin at or call him at (773) 644-4447.