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Eliminate Repairs and Maintenance Costs:


Whether the condition of your home has, through no fault of your own, reached the point where you can’t afford the money or the headache of taking care of it, or you need to sell your home but are facing high repair and maintenance costs, there is a solid local solution just a phone call away.

It is possible that your home does not have to be in tip-top condition in order to sell it. Better yet, it costs you nothing to find out.

We have seen it happen where the homeowner thinks that all they need to do is paint the bedrooms and replace the living room carpet and their home will be showroom ready. They spend several hundred dollars to make it happen.

Then a professional home inspector comes in and finds that the home has structural damage which needs to be addressed. Now the homeowner is faced with thousands of dollars in expenses, and those costs may not result in any increase in the value of the property. 

Examples such as this are more common than you would expect, especially with so many older homes in the Chicago area. It’s that feeling you get when you bring your older car in for a simple tune up, and the mechanic comes out with a list of problems that will cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. 

With your home, however, these costs mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

What makes this significant is that structural and functional repairs to your home are not the same as cosmetic enhancements such as painting, carpeting, or adding a deck.

If your finances allow for paying for significant repair or structural costs, and/or for optional upgrades, you still need to run the numbers. 

For example, if you decide to spend $10,000 to modernize your kitchen before selling, you can’t always be sure it will bring you more than $15,000 of additional value, which would make doing so worthwhile.

There is the matter of running the numbers to make a determination as to whether or not such an upgrade or improvement is even worthwhile. 

On the other hand, often times the unexpected cost of preparing a home for sale might not be in the budget.

FamilyPropertyBuyer.com understands every part of this. 

When you work with us, you won’t even need to pay for a professional home inspection to find out how much cash you can get for your home, no matter what condition it is in.

Our team of professionals work with top local (whenever possible) contractors, repair, and maintenance companies that handle everything about Chicago area homes. By contacting FamilyPropertyBuyer.com, we can evaluate your home at no cost to you.

Once we have been out to evaluate your property, we will make a no obligation all cash offer to you for your property, “as is”. Our goal, at this point, is to provide you with your best case scenario for selling your property.

Here is one example:

Suppose that, based on home prices in your neighborhood, you estimate your home to be worth $200,000. You had an inspection done, at a cost of $400, to find out that you will need a new furnace and air conditioning system, which costs $8,600. 

When you add those together, you are $9,000 in the hole. Suppose you need to paint to cover up smudges in some of the walls, at a cost of $1,000. Now you have $10,000 in expenses.

Meanwhile, if you hire a licensed real estate agent to represent you, you will pay a commission of at least 5%, sometimes higher. For a $200,000 property, this results in commissions totaling $10,000.

With all of this, you are now facing more than $20,000 toward your sale.

This doesn’t include additional repairs and/or upgrades, attorney and title company fees, and other costs related to the transaction, which often run into an additional four figures.

Before you realize it, you could be at $25,000 or more in costs, and still not have your buyer.

There are the showings for strange people walking through your home, the stress of waiting on their financing to be approved before they can complete the purchase, your need to be able to move in to your next home, and planning your move without having a definite date.

However, FamilyPropertyBuyer.com can eliminate those headaches and allow you to move out as quickly as you like and without having to spend for any repairs, maintenance, home inspectors, painters, contractors, roofers, repair permits, and commissions.

Although we may offer less than the perceived value of your home, the thousands of dollars and the weeks or months of stress you save are likely to more than make up the difference.

We make it possible for you to be out of your home with cash in your pocket within 30 days (or when you choose) while saving you the dollars and time such as we just described.

Since we would then repair and/or upgrade the property before we take on the hassle of selling it, our efforts help to improve the quality of the community at the same time.

Your all cash offer from FamilyProperty.com for your property comes with no obligation. We are happy to evaluate your Chicago area property at no cost, and offer our team and services to you. Regardless of the condition of your property!

We Pay Cash For Houses And Can Close Quick

 We buy  houses in any condition.  We pay you cash for your house and we work directly with you which saves you thousands on  commissions. Because we pay cash, we can close in as little as 7 days or in some cases even sooner. Our clients appreciate not having to wait weeks or even months to close so they can get on with their lives. 


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Many Chicago area residents know how many of its older homes have been in one family for many years and/or were built more than 50 years ago.

Owning your home free and clear or having a large percentage as equity are certainly beneficial. 

However, the cost of upkeep continues to rise with older properties. The roof, the furnace, the air conditioning system, the plumbing, and often electrical wiring need to be updated or replaced every few years.

You have the cost of updating as well. Rooms need to be painted, especially as the kids get older. Shelves break, nicks and marks appear, parts of the fence fall off, and so on.

There is even more to consider above and beyond maintenance costs. Our older homes have smaller kitchens, with some not built with space for a microwave and other amenities which are common today. 

The porch or deck may need new wood or materials. Windows and doors may need replacing.

The exterior may need painting in part or in full. As times change, you may still have colors which are no longer popular.

Sometimes expenses come along, or families get busy and keep putting off spending to keep their home up to date. Or, a major expense such as several thousand dollars for a new roof, make it unaffordable to repair and maintain the home.

One option is to either use funds from a Home Equity Loan or HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) or to acquire a home improvement credit card as a means to be able to pay off this work.

However, with older people or busy professionals, the continuing repair and maintenance required becomes too much of a burden. 

FamilyPropertyBuyer.com is focused only on Chicago area properties, and understands the local market. We find that some owners get to the point where these costs reach the point where they want out.

By contacting FamilyPropertyBuyer.com, you can schedule a free no obligation estimate of the scope of work which needs to be done on your home in order to bring it up to tip top condition.

This is whether it needs repairs, delayed maintenance, paint, flooring/carpeting, or upgrades. Perhaps the kitchen is totally outdated and no longer practical. No matter what the scope of work, you can find out where you stand.

If you are already considering the sale of your Chicago home, you can request a no obligation all cash offer. Or, in the event that our assessment causes you to want to sell, we can make that happen within a matter of days.

FamilyPropertyBuyer.com already has relationships with the leading local contractors and resources. Our ability to purchase properties in need and improve them to the point that it positively reflects on local property values allows us to achieve our goal of improving Chicago housing one property at a time.

As a result, your options with us range from fixing up to selling for all cash. If you can’t afford to spend, we can put cash in your pocket.